As well as being one of the finest actors working today - never mind being from Ireland - Michael Fassbender also has one other extraordinary talent that's he only ever shared with the world once or twice.

We are, of course, referring to his dancing skills. As it turns out, the Bender of Fasses from Killarney was actually in a breakdancing club in Fossa, just a few miles out of Killarney, where he learned one party move that he's obviously kept in his roster through the years. That move is known as the Flick Swandive and, friends, it's actually sort of insane.

We're not going to ruin it because it's very impressive and considering the guy was wearing a restrictive suit in a TV show and didn't even look like he could stretch out beforehand says something.

Take a look. Also, Jessica Chastain, stop lying - you know exactly what breakdancing is.


Via YouTube