It's not often Ryan Tubridy and the Late Late Show gets someone well-known from outside of Ireland and it's safe to say that Michael Bublé's more than a little well-known.

The crooner flew in for a pre-recorded interview with Tubbers and talked being a Dad for the first time and how it changed his perspective on life. As well as this, Bublé also shared with the audience how he serenades his children.

On three - one, two, three, n'aawwww....

As well as this, Bublé also talked about his vocal surgery was more than a bit frightening for the singer. As Bublé tells it, he went into the surgery chatting with the doctor and came out the other side of it with said doctor commenting on the size of his dong.

No, really. Take a look.

Which is weirder - the fact that that's the first a thing doctor says to you after surgery, the fact that he shared that story on a local chat show or the weird and horribly awkward clap-laugh thing the audience did after finding out that a doctor thinks Michael Bublé's got a small dick.

Answers on a postcard, folks.


Via YouTube