If you're bag fan of Jim and Maggie's will they won't they romance on The Newsroom be prepared to absolutely hate Grace Gummer's character in Season 2.

HBO has just dropped a brand new featurette, introducing us to all the new characters, and revealed that Meryl Streep's second youngest daughter will be playing Hallie Shea, a young lady whom Jim meets on the presidential campaign trail. "She's a very ambitious, strong and ruthless young woman", Gummer explains. "Even though she's horrible to Jim, it's an angry kind of friendship and possibly a relationship that starts." Are you trying to kill us here Mr Sorkin?

Grace isn't the only fresh face lined up for Season 2 though. The wonderful Marcia Gay Harden steps in as a super smart First Amendment lawyer, who is trying to make sure the ACN team don't say the wrong things in court: We'll find out more about their legal predicament in the first episode.

Meanwhile Hamish Linklater steps in as Jim's temporary replacement Jerry Dantana. He's been hard at work in ACN's DC Bureau, and quickly discovers that he's got some big shoes to fill in New York City. Can he score the story of a lifetime and leave Jim eating his dust? Or will the whole thing blow up in his face? Finally, Constance Zimmer makes her debut as a Romney campaign spokesperson who absolutely detests the press. That doesn't bode well for poor Jim, who spends most of the series sparring with her.

The sooner Season 2 lands the better, we're getting rather excited now. Sure have a gawk at the gallery from last night's Season Premiere below while you're at it.