So we all know Meryl Streep is a bit of legend, yeah? The actress manages to nail every single role she is in, and must have a football pitch full of awards at this stage. Just yesterday, she was nominated for an Oscar once more, for her movie August: Osage County. The star just doesn't do a bad film, so yesterday Ellen DeGeneres decided to prove this on her show.

The star was on to discuss her nomination, and Ellen - never a woman to let a good comedy moment slip by - decided to take full advantage of Meryl's acting skills in the interview. You know the way you say somebody could make reading the phonebook sound good? Well, Meryl actually CAN. Well, not a phone book as such, but close enough. The chat show host had her read an oatmeal recipe in a sexy voice, a traffic report as a a woman in labour, and wikipedia page as a sulky teenager. Not a bother to Meryl though!

Meryl Streep may just be the Muhammad Ali of acting.

Watch below: