Although he won't be taking part in that quasi-reunion, Matthew Perry sure does have a sharp mind when it comes to useless Friends trivia.

The actor was on Graham Norton last night and regaled the audience with a particularly funny story involving M. Night Shyamalan and getting very drunk in a nightclub that honestly sounds like something from a Friends episode.

Take a look and tell us you can't imagine this happening to Chandler.

However, the real highlight was when Graham Norton put some of the questions from the infamous 'quiz' episode to Matthew Perry who, believe it or not, was actually really good at the answers. He even knew what Chandler's TV guide name was. (MISS Chanandaler Bong, by the way)

Shout-out to the lady who the back row who got the final question right because we were scratching our heads there trying to remember that one. Here's one for you that WASN'T in that episode -- What did Joey's father do for a living?

Answers on a postcard, please.


Via YouTube