Like with any awards show, there were winners and losers at last night's Emmy Awards. 

Jimmy Kimmel is the only person that can fall into both categories. Kimmel was nominated for his late night talk show in the Best Variety Talk Series but lost out to John Oliver. 

However he's definitely a winner in our eyes for his hosting performance, the highlight of which saw him do a bit with Matt Damon immediately after Oliver had left the stage with his award. As Kimmel attempted to move on to the next category, Damon appeared on stage eating an apple (which led to a great Good Will Hunting reference by the end) and began to mercilessly rub salt in Kimmel's wounds. 

"This is so humuiliating. You lost and now you gotta stand out here for the rest of the night when you probably want to just go home, curl up and cry."

The 'rivalry' between these two never gets old. Long may it last.