You might recall how last year, Jimmy Kimmel set YouTube on fire with his Hallowe'en challenge.

It basically involved traumatising young kids by telling them that you ate all their sweets and candy. Naturally, kids screaming at the top of their lungs is comedy gold so Kimmel did it again this year and even roped in one Mark Ruffalo for the laugh.

Ruffalo managed to capture the footage at home and, to be honest, it makes his kids look like a pack of rabid, 28 Days Later-style zombies. Which is cool, sorta.

Take a look.

When you're coming down off a sugar rush from the previous night, being told there's no more sugar is going to drive you insane so that was all totally justified.

Or, y'know, Ruffalo could have just Hulked out and that would have sorted them out.


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