Just another reason to love the star of Homeland and The Princess Bride.

Mandy Patinkin appeared on The Late Show with Seth Meyers primarily to promote his new film Smurfs: The Lost Village – in which he plays Papa Smurf, obvs – but the conversation took a more serious turn later on.

Meyers revealed that every year when he’s finished shooting a season of Homeland, Patinkin travels to help refugees. Patinkin reveals he does it pretty much the day after shooting wraps and has travelled to Lesbos, Greece as well as Serbia, the Balkans, and the Croatian border in Germany.

Meyers produced pictures of Patinkin’s work and the actor touchingly recalled details of every family he is pictured with and relates how he helped them.

“[There’s] all this emotional, overwhelming stuff of these people trying to get to sanctuary in a new place after such a war-torn November,” he says.

He then makes an impassioned speech about the refugee crisis – "these refugees are us… if you want to realise what makes America great, it is the refugees who make up our nation” – which is really stirring.

Watch it here: