We're not sure Katie Hopkins should even be given the time of day from the media anymore given how toxic her opinions are, but we admit it, we can't help but be curious to see how Lucy Kennedy got on staying with her in what's already proven to be a contentious episode of Livin' with Lucy tonight. There was even a petition set up to stop it from airing.

There's no fear of Lucy treading softly anyways if the clip below is anything to go by, as the TV3 presenter confronts Katie on some of her most controversial tweets, telling her that all they do is get people thinking that "Katie Hopkins is an absolute bitch".

Ouch. Shots fired.

Watch below:

Lucy also meets Katie's family and friends to try to get more of an insight into what 'the most hated woman in Britain' is like behind closed doors.

Catch Livin' with Lucy tonight on TV3 at 10pm.