It seems this summer there are two types of people - those watching Love Island and those rolling their eyes at the people watching Love Island. One of the latter is Piers Morgan who has been very vocal about his opinions on the show saying it "contains the most stupid collection of people ever amassed in the history of the planet."

He hasn't been able to avoid it though and today he had recent Love Island evictee Jonny on Good Morning Britain and didn't hold back his thoughts. He also kept throwing random general knowledge questions at Jonny which he didn't fair too badly at. Well, he knew who Angela Merkel was anyways.

Piers said of Love Island: "Don't you think it's a forum for complete dimwits to behave like dimwits?"

Jonny was having none of it though saying: "No, I think it's a great idea; you stick a bunch of twenty-something-year-olds in a villa for free and let them get on with it. It's great TV.

Also saying: "Gosh, lighten up, Piers!"

"I don't think the show is stupid at all. It's just entertainment. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, mate – but the main audience is younger people, not you. No offence."

Schooled!! As the kids say... (Do the kids say that?)

Watch below: