What's Next?

Oh just Lin Manuel Miranda collaborating with 'The West Wing Weekly' to produce a rap tribute to the series.

If you're a fan of The West Wing and haven't heard of the podcast, 'The West Wing Weekly' provides and in depth analysis of every single episode of the famed political drama. The show is co-hosted by former cast member Joshua Malina and often has guest appearances from former political staffers. 

Hamilton creator, Lin Manuel Miranda is very much a fan of the podcast and of course the series (the show's theme tune played him off stage for his final Hamilton performance) and was invited to create this rap with the podcast's creator, Hrishikesh Hirway. 

"What's Next?" is of course the off repeated catch phrase of Martin Sheen's President Barlett and we feel it's an ode the fictional POTUS would be proud of. 

Via The Wrap