Do not interrupt Lily Tomlin. No one interrupts Lily Tomlin.

James Corden debuted a very showy new game on 'The Late Late Show' last night and if you're very excited about what hilarities 'Mystery Door' could have in store, well, you better get used to delayed gratification because despite the big song and dance number, Corden was shot down hard.

Neither Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda or Taylor Schilling opted to take part in Corden's new bit, preferring to stick with the interview that they came their to do much to the host's frustration.

We know this was all set up to make Corden's eagerness to entertain be the butt of the joke so it's nice to see that Corden is aware that some/a lot of people have no time for his musical theatre showboating schtick.


That said, we really wish one of them had said 'Yes' and really messed things up.