What do you do when you're so successful as an actress and writer at 27, that Vogue decides to come knocking for a cover shoot? Freak out! Is what. That's what Lena Dunham did anyways, well, according to this comedy spoof video made by the magazine.

Lena decides there is only one man that can help her - Vogue's editor-at-large Hamish Bowles. (He's a big deal). Hamish heads on over and between them they recreate the poses of some of the most famous covers of Vogue past. There is the 'pigeon-toed and goofy' Twiggy and 'the athletic amazon' of Cindy Crawford. All are recreated and choreographed into a pretty nifty and entertaining dance.

The finished product for Vogue caused many to speculate as to why they didn't use a full body shot on the cover, but this didn't bother Lena. She told Jon Snow of Channel 4 news, that the magazine had "given a nod to who I am" and didn't try to "wedge me into some strange 'glamazon' territory where I didn't belong".

Now how do we go about becoming Lena Dunham's best friend? Anybody?

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