As we reported a few days ago, an offer of $5,000 was put up to anyone who called Donald Trump a racist during the recording of last night's Saturday Night Live.

The offer, made by the Deport Racism campaign, was to highlight Trump's comments about immigrants in the US and to provoke Trump into saying something stupid. Let's be honest, he doesn't need help on that front.

Sure enough, in the middle of Trump's opening monologue, somebody did it - and it was none other than Curb Your Enthusiasm's Larry David. Who, by the way, turned up a week or two ago as Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders.

Take a look. Or just skip to 3:10 for the good stuff if you can't stomach Trump talking.

Trump, of course, being the money-grabbing asshat totally had no problem with Larry David calling him a racist because free money.

So, how did Trump do overall? Not great is the short answer. Someone did math and found that Trump had a total of just 12 minutes of screen-time, presumably to limit the opportunities of potential hecklers and protesters in the audience.

Hey, it's still better than The Ray D'Arcy Show.


Via YouTube