As we all know, Larry David is now the go-to impersonator of Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders in the same way Kate McKinnon is the go-to for Hillary Clinton.

So, with Larry David hosting last night's Saturday Night Live, you'd have to expect one of two things - a sketch involving Bernie Sanders and a sketch referencing Curb Your Enthusiasm, David's brilliant HBO series that followed Seinfeld.

Sure enough, we got both with Bern Your Enthusiasm, following Bernie Sanders during the Iowa Caucuses and just how exactly how he managed to lose by 2% to Hillary Clinton.

It's actually pretty amazing how they managed to work the two separate threads together; showing just how good SNL can be when they have the right material and the right guest-hosts working with them. Also, how good was Cecily Strong as Susie Green? She nailed it, right down to the hair.

For the moment, this is as close as we'll get to a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode, despite the fact that Larry David says he hasn't given up on the possibility of a ninth season.