If there's one thing we know about Kylo Ren is that he doesn't exactly treat his employees / Stormtroopers very well.

So, sure enough, the thoughts of him going on Undercover Boss to get a better understanding of the plight of his employees is just... Well, it wouldn't happen. Anyway, Adam Driver was on SNL last night for hosting duties and answered the questions no Star Wars fan has ever asked - what would it be like if Kylo Ren was on reality TV show Undercover Boss?

Here's the results.

In fairness, that was way funnier than we expected it to be. Adam Driver's had some genuinely funny moments in HBO's Girls and, as well as this, it's good that he's not taking his character too seriously.

Also, he totally nailed the spoilt teenager vibe again because that's essentially what Kylo Ren is - a spoilt, emo, angry teenager. With a really cool lightsaber.


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