Game of Thrones actor Kit Harrington was on The Seth Meyers Show recently (you may have seen that excellent dinner party sketch that's been doing the rounds), and he chatted about the upcoming season of the hugely popular show.

Seth Meyers pointed out to him that there are so many amazing locations used throughout Game of Thrones, but Kit is in Belfast the entire time, a situation he is not altogether too fond of.

Belfast is wonderful to visit for 'two to three days' he told Meyers, but not for five years.

Going on to say; "They have a wonderful tourist board, they celebrate three things - Having the most bombed hotel in Europe, which is great. They built the Tiitanic which is a ship that sunk on its maiden voyage and now they have Game of Thrones, the most depressing TV show in history. So it's a wonderfully, depressing Tourist Board."

Well screw you Jon Snow! What does he know anyways? NOTHING, is what.

(Come hang out here Kit!)

You can see the comments below from about the 44 sec mark.