Remember the days when Prince and then King Joffrey was the biggest of threats and concerns on 'Game of Thrones'? Those were the days.

He may be a distant memory but the Irish actor who played him, Jack Gleeson, is still alive and kicking and took part in a panel event at New York Comic Con on Friday where he was, of course, bombarded with questions regarding the show.

Gleeson revealed many of his thoughts on the show during the panel, including what method he would have chosen to kill Joffrey ("shot by a crossbow or something?") and what his favourite scene was (his post-death one in the Sept because "I just kind of got to sleep for the whole day, which is amazing.") and the fact that he knew he was going to bite the bullet before he even started on the show.

He also revealed that he sides with an interesting theory about who will end up on the Iron Throne, saying this when asked by a fan in the room.



Yup, he thinks no one will end up on it because it won't exist anymore after it's melted down so the Valyrian steel in it can be used to fight the White Walkers, which is a fan theory that he heard at another convention that does make a lot of sense.

"I think that's kind of a cool idea. The monarchy is literally dissolved," he said.

Gleeson also indulged a fan that requested some Joffrey on the spot, and let's just say that the evil bastard is alive and well. We almost miss him.


Via Vanity Fair