Spoiler: It’s better than her impression of an Aer Lingus employee.

SNL was a hot topic of conversation in Ireland this week following that awful sketch involving Saoirse Ronan. But cast member Kate McKinnon reminded everyone that she is actually an amazing impressionist with this great depiction of Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot.

She was appearing on Jimmy Fallon and recalled how the cast would marvel at everything Gadot said when she hosted SNL.

“Everything she says is like a prophecy,” said McKinnon. “I asked her, like, do you have hobbies, Gal? And she was like, ‘I love to go to the beach. I love to paddleboard. I love to watch my children run on the sand. I love to go to the Maldives…”

“She asked me: ‘Do you have a hobby, Kate?’ And I was like, ‘I watch Dateline!'”

Watch the clip here:



No more Irish accents please, Kate.

Via: YouTube