A new bromance has formed in Hollywood in the shape of Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill. Just a few short years ago, they would have seemed like the most unlikely duo going, but their new flick The Wolf of Wall Street seems to have spawned a man-love like no other.

Jonah Hill took to the stage over the weekend to present Saturday Night Live, and of course Leo came along to be there for his bro in his time of need. Jonah began his opening monologue discussing how great it was to be nominated for an Oscar, but kept getting interrupted by audience members asking about Leo. Which in fairness is probably a reflection on reality.

Jonah was in the midst of saying how him and Scorsese planned the whole movie, and asked Leo get on board, (as opposed to the other way round), when the man himself appeared. We won't spoil it for you but, let's just stay, the romance between Titanic's Jack and Rose, pales in comparison to that of Jonah, and his Leo.

Watch below: