Fans of Last Week Tonight on HBO will know just how much of a legend John Oliver is, his talk show is the most entertaining topical news show out there at the moment and necessary viewing in these strange Trump times.

Oliver took a break from his late night show to visit another - The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon - to have a chat about everything from his upcoming role as Zazu for the live-action Lion King to his extra long hug from Oprah Winfrey.

John is gas from start to finish in the interview but one of the funniest parts is when he starts talking about Barbara Streisand cloning her dogs.

"Last week was so busy, we had so much news, it felt awful that we couldn't spend a long time talking about the fact that Barbara Streisand cloned her dogs," he told Jimmy. "Which is all, deep down, I really wanted to talk about. It's all I really want to talk about now. I'm slightly confused why you've talked about anything else tonight."

John then questioned Jimmy on what Barbara Streisand was like, asking if she was as high maintenance as she appears.

Jimmy tries to divert the question but John's having none of it and hilariously keeps probing.

Watch below: