If you've seen the live-action Cinderella remake from a couple of years ago, you'll know that it's all lush costumes, gorgeous scenery and the like.

What you might not know is that Game of Thrones actor Richard Madden and War And Peace's Lily James pretty much had to be forced into their costumes. As James describes to Graham Norton, she pretty much had to be sewn into her costume as the corset shape is, well, completely unnatural.

Madden, on the other hand, took the biscuit and described being forced to wear various jockstraps in order to his, uh, well. 

This, naturally, brings fellow guest and glamour icon Joan Collins out with a story about the '60s Batman TV series and Adam West taking some sort of reverse viagra to stop his junk being on display in the Batsuit.

Seriously, you couldn't write half this stuff.

It never actually dawned on us until now that you actually can't see any of Batman or Robin's junk in the old Batman TV series.

The spandex and everything; in a way, it actually makes complete sense that you wouldn't see it because, come on, it was a kids' show.

Bonus points if you can name the villain Joan Collins played in Batman.


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