As tomorrow night sees the final episode of Late Night with David Letterman, there's been an outpouring of love and emotions from comedians across the globe.

Jimmy Kimmel, who had one of his first TV gigs on Letterman, took to the air the last night and gave a devastatingly honest speech about the show's influence on him, his early life watching Letterman and everything else in between.

It's really quite affecting to see Kimmel clearly choke up when he talks about Letterman, an icon whom he's emulated and loved for many years.

Not only that, Kimmel implores his audience to NOT watch his show, but to tune over to Letterman instead.

Take a look.


Seriously though, Letterman's an absolute genius and we will never see his like again. It also begs the question - why hasn't RTE or TV3 attempted to mount such a show?

No, we're not making an easy joke about Brendan O'Connor / Ryan Tubridy being a joke already. It's too obvious and we're better than that.

Not really.


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