Jimmy Fallon returned to his old stomping ground of SNL last night and took part in the weekly Donald Trump Cold Open sketch.

Fallon played Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law and adviser, who's been battling with Steve Bannon for a number of weeks. This being SNL, the sketch quickly turns into a reference to something on TV - in this case, it's America's Next Top Model / Presidential Adviser.

Take a look.

It's worth pointing out that Jimmy Fallon's been under fire ever since he famously tousled Donald Trump's hair on his own show during the US Election and more or less avoided asking him any kind of serious question.

This was around same time Donald Trump was calling Mexicans rapists, saying that Muslims should be banned from entering America (he almost got that one through), and generally spouting the kind of insane rhetoric you'd expect to hear in Germany around the 1930s.

And Jimmy Fallon tousled that guy's hair. So, yeah.


Via YouTube