The late-night host tweaked the lyrics of a Dylan classic to take a shot at the president.

Jimmy Fallon's comedy style isn’t for everyone. His tendency to laugh uncontrollably at a guest’s every utterance can get quite, well, annoying at times. But there’s no denying that he does a good impression, particularly of musicians.

Last night he dressed up as Bob Dylan and took swipe at the commander-in-chief singing the following lyrics:

"Come women, men who hashtag #MeToo / And believe me when I say that we believe you / For weak is the man who calls truth 'fake news' / Time's Up, our silence we're breaking."

"Come athletes with platforms throughout the land / Who by taking a knee are taking a stand / And before you shout out, 'They should be banned' / Listen to what they are saying / Perhaps they'd stand up if you reached out your hand / Well, the times they are a-changin'."

"Come journalists, writers who report the facts / And brandish your pen and fend off his attacks / Look past what he says and look how he acts / The 'fire and fury' is raging / For his words can hurt, but your words can fight back / The New York Times, they aren't a-failin'."

Check out the performance here:

Via: THR