As we reported last night, Brendan Dassey from Netflix's Making A Murderer docuseries has had his conviction for the murder of Teresa Halbach overturned.

If prosecutors fail to schedule a new trial, Dassey will be freed within 90 days. Moreover, the decision by federal judge William Duffin was scathing about Dassey's legal team - specifically Len Kachinsky - and Dassey's learning difficulties.

The ruling paves the way for Steven Avery's eventual release as his legal team, led by Kathleen Zellner, have said is imminent. Zellner tweeted last night, saying that the end is in sight. 

Although he didn't represent Brendan Dassey, Jerry Buting - Avery's former attorney, along with Dean Strang - was questioned by local news station TMJ4 about the situation with Dassey and his eventual release.

Here's what he had to say.

As you'll see in the interview, part of Buting's intended defense against the prosecution focused on highlighting Brendan Dassey's learning difficulties, the forced coercion of the police and other aspects to the jury.

Buting also correctly points out, the press conference held by the prosecution which named Dassey and his confession undoubtedly had an effect on the jury pool when it came to Avery's trial, which should be grounds enough for a retrial - never mind all the evidence that's been discovered since then.

Undoubtedly, Dassey's overturned conviction will play a part in Netflix's second season of Making A Murderer, which has been been confirmed to be in production.


Via TMJ4