Being an intern is tough enough, but it's even more difficult when it's your first day and you're left on live radio all by yourself with no warning. 

Poor aul Kevin, he thought doing an internship in RTE would be great craic and that he'd get to make a few good contacts for when he finishes college that might help him in the long run. We're sure he had planned on doing a hard day's work making coffee and/or photocopying stuff, but instead, he was thrown into an on air radio studio with the folks from Breakfast Republic

While that might seem like fun, just sitting there and watching on as the pros go about their business, a rather unexpected turn of events took place as Kevin had to first read the (fake) news with almost no notice at all, and then was left completely on his own to run the show as all three presenters ran off with one excuse or another. As first days go, that's a tough one. 

You can also watch the clip on The Fear this Monday at 10:30pm on RTE 2.