Even though Jennifer Aniston has starred in a number of films since Friends ended, Rachel will haunt her forever.

When Jennifer Aniston passes on, it will probably be in the first paragraph of her obituary. It's going to be with her forever because, well, Friends is still hugely popular with people. In fact, with the wave of '90s nostalgia and the likes of Gilmore Girls getting a revival, it's no wonder that SNL trotted out Vanessa Bayer's pretty decent impersonation of her.

Of course, Jennifer Aniston was on hand to rebuff said impersonation and, to be honest, it made for some uncomfortable viewing.

Take a look.

The denim dungarees-and-black poloneck was a nice touch, but really the whole smash-cut thing was spot on. How many times did Friends put one of those in just to fill up time? You could always tell if it was on Comedy Central because they either cut them in half or doubled up to cover a scene that was lazily chopped out.

Also, Jennifer Aniston has a sense of humour about Friends which is comforting, to be honest.


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