They've all kept relatively silent since the news broke on Sunday morning, but one by one the Glee stars are starting to open up about losing Cory Monteith, and Jane Lynch became the latest one to speak out on Jay Leno's Tonight Show.

The veteran actress was already scheduled to appear for an interview, and seemed visibly upset as she told Jay about the young Canadian actor. Check the interview out below.

Lynch and her co-stars are due to film Season 5 of the smash hit TV series later this year, but rumours have been circulating about the show's future since Monteith's passing. The Glee Project has been canned already (for alternative reasons) but TMZ says Glee will go on, and it has been reported that the writers are engaged in crisis talks to decide what should happen to Finn Hudson.

We're really not sure what they'll do with this one.