Well, he may as well make the most of this quality time to himself, considering there's no word yet on James May's future with Top Gear following on from Clarkson's dismissal from the BBC.

It's certainly a far cry from racing top notch cars though, as May has taken to uploading videos of his mundane daily activities to a YouTube channel he has called 'JM's Unemployment Tube'.

Highlights so far include some pretty detailed Shepherd's Pie making, as well as a rendition of Greensleeves on the recorder.

So far he has managed to get 92,000 subscribers and almost two million hits, although he has said he has no plans to make money from this pastime;

Here's the man himself prepping his Shepherd's Pie...

And with the final result... Jamie Oliver had better watch out.

And here he is with Greensleeves... (whilst hungover, no less).