Although it wasn't exactly a brilliant couch last night, Jack Whitehall, Ewan McGregor and Lewis Hamilton managed to get a few laughs on Graham Norton.

Whitehall told a quick story about how he had a small role in Frozen, but unfortunately, it didn't necessarily pan out how he thought it would.

As you'll see in the clip, Whitehall was bitterly disappointed about the whole thing whilst McGregor, who's starring in the live-action version of Beauty & The Beast, told his own story about working with Disney.

In fact, it seems everyone on the couch had a common link as Formula One's Lewis Hamilton also had a minor role in Cars 2.

Meanwhile, Hamilton and Whitehall seemed to have a slight bit of tension between them, with Hamilton calling out Whitehall for not getting a driving licence as a teenager.

In fairness, it's a little strange, but the whole "How does a man not have a licence?" thing isn't cool.

Take a look.

Whitehall had a pretty good response, in fairness.

Was there tension between them or is it just us?


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