Many years from now, we will have to explain to our grandchildren how events like Honey G and Donald Trump happened and we won't have an answer.

We can try come up with a reason; maybe there was a general cultural malaise or maybe it was just one of those things that we saw coming off in the distance and did nothing to stop - like climate change.

It could be that society was already crumbling around us and Honey G was like one of the horseman of the Apocalypse, except instead of bringing Famine, Death or Pestilence, she brought sh*tty covers of terrible rap songs.

Or it could be that we like to sit in front of the flat-screen telly that we slaved to buy so that we can watch this crap and not even make an effort to change the channel, thus validating Simon Cowell's instinct that you'll accept whatever's put in front of you - including a middle-aged, white, Englishwoman appropriating African-American popular culture so she can win a f*cking realty TV competition.

Here's your video. Enjoy it.