Oh it's all (finally) kicking off in King's Landing next week.

Usually we lament the seven day gap between our installments of 'Game of Thrones' but after the tragedy of this week's episode, we're kind of alright with a bit of breathing room while we adjust to it all.

Next week though it looks we'll be going back to King's Landing after a week away, with the Tyrell army (backed by the Lannisters) making a play for Margaery's freedom while Gilly finally gets to meet the parents as she and Sam arrive at the Tarly homestead in Horn Hill. Awkward moments aplenty await everyone there.

We'll also be seeing how the hell Bran and Meera Reed get out of shit creek White Walkers central and what Daenerys' plans are now that she has a Dothraki army at her disposal.

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