You know the way back in the day, you would hear the Friends theme tune come on TV, and run in to the sitting room to try clap at the right part? (Just me then?) Well, that was the happy go lucky version of the 'I'll Be There For You' song, the one we all know and love. It was sung by The Rembrandts back in 1994, who we are pretty sure haven't done much since, but feck it - they gave the world enough with the Friends theme tune.

This version on the other hand, would have made Friends a very different show. There would have been no clapping, just crying, No jokes - unless the joke is YOUR LIFE.

The lads responsible for this are three young Irish bucks by the names of Glenn Murphy, Oisin O’Callaghan and Ronan Scolard. Now they are a talented bunch, it has to be said - just don't listen if you're looking for a song to cheer you up this cold January morning. On the other hand, after listening you will be pretty convinced that these blokes will, in fact, be there for you.

Bit of a bang of Brian Kennedy off it, but as we said - these dudes can sing.

Listen, do try and enjoy, and please excuse us while we go for a good cry.