The fallout from the Apu controversy rages on, as actress Priyanka Chopra is the latest star to come out and criticise The Simpsons' character for perpetuating a stereotype of Indian people.

The Quantico and Baywatch actress was appearing on The View when she was asked her thoughts on the whole situation.

"He was the bane of my life growing up, for sure," she said. "A lot of people are talking about 'Oh, the show was so successful for thirty years - why are we suddenly waking up and being offended by a character that everyone loves?"

She went on to say that the population of Indian-Americans has grown in that time, so "the demand for representation for people of colour is louder", and that when she was in High School, she was asked why she didn't speak like Apu. "Yes, it's a cartoon. Yes, it's pop culture and a super-successful show - but that gives it more responsibility."

Watch it below: