If you haven't been following Bill Maher's latest f*ck-up, here's a quick rundown.

Essentially, Maher used a particular racial slur in the course of his opening monologue last week and it rightfully caused a huge controversy. Maher's since apologised for making the remark, and HBO has been under fire for allowing the broadcast to go out.

The very next show, rapper Ice Cube was on to promote the re-release of his album Good Cop, Bad Cop and - naturally - the first thing to come up was Maher's use of racist language.

To be fair to Maher, he was pretty contrite about the whole thing and Cube spoke his piece with honesty and admitted that while he was a fan of Maher and his show, he said that Maher "was gonna f*ck up sooner or later."

Take a look.



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