We always appreciate it when people turn up on TV shows with a real sense of chill about them.

They're just here, biding their time for the next thing and not too concerned about how they look and what they say. So it goes with Sir Ian McKellen, who rocked up to ITV's Lorraine this morning in a lovely pair of slippers.

The 76-year old acting legend wasn't too pushed about the fact that he was in a comfy pair of shoes, explaining that he woke early this morning.

"They're rather smart, though."

McKellen also chatted about his stint on Coronation Street (Holy crap, remember that?!) and his work with Peter Jackson on Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

Honestly, we'd listen to Ian McKellen reading a phonebook and it'd still be enthralling. Can we actually get an app that has McKellen reading a phonebook to rock us to sleep?

That's worth .99c, we think.


Via YouTube