The drama of daytime telly, wha'.

British broadcaster and comedian Iain Lee appeared on the panel of The Wright Show on Channel 5 today for a chat however things took a sour turn when presenter Matthew Wright started asking Lee questions about his personal life.

I'm a Celeb finalist Iain Lee has recently told listeners on his show on talkRADIO that he was going through a divorce and Matthew wanted to dig deeper. However, Iain was having none of it and told the presenter it was private.

"I say stuff on the radio show…it’s different for me saying stuff on the radio show because I know the audience, to it appearing in the papers."

Wright kept probing though leading to Iain saying: "Here’s the thing Matthew, I told your producers three times I’m not talking about this – it’s private."

The presenter replied: "Can you call it private when you talk about it on the radio?"

To which Iain said: "I’m so close to telling you to f_ off and walking off right now."

Wright then turned his attention to the other guests but when they came back after the break Iain had left.

Watch below:

The pair have since been having it out on Twitter:

He also revealed he would be donating his appearance fee to charity, saying:

What do you reckon? Team Iain or Team Matthew?