How do we mean by weird?

Well, for one, you had a woman from Merseyside ask if it was OK if she could tattoo Hozier's face onto her arm. Sure enough, as would anyone, Hozier stumbled through the question as best he could whilst not trying to belittle the woman in any way. It's her body, right? Then again, it's his face.

What exactly do you say to that? Here's how he got on.

Oh, Tubridy. You sure did pull the wool over our eyes. What a trickster. Also, shout-out to this guy who was clearly disgusted by the idea of a tattoo of Hozier.

Maybe he's just against tattoos in general. Still, way to hide your utter contempt for it on national television, man.

As well as taking awkward questions, Hozier also performed his current single, Cherry Wine, all by his lonesome. Have a listen.

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