They've spent as much time bigging up their final season as they have driving us demented with an unnecessarily drawn out storyline but now the first promo from the final season of How I Met Your Mother has dropped and we couldn't be happier to be reminded that the whole thing is almost over.

We've already learned who 'the mother' is (more on that in a second), but we have absolutely no idea HOW he'll actually meet her. What we do know is that this season will bring us the "final high-five" and the "final slap" though.

It seems as though nothing will go to plan for the gang, as Ted's on again off again feelings for Robin wreak havoc, and Marshall makes plans to stop that all-important wedding. Is it really Barney and Robin's wedding he wants to disrupt though? Could it actually be Ted's?

We're going to guess it's the former, considering Ted hasn't even met the missus yet. Cristin Milioti was saying nothing when asked for spoilers, but she did reveal that the young wan will be a wee bit nerdy.

In the words of Ted's kids, get it over with already.

The last season of How I Met Your Mother hits US TV screens on September 23rd.