The finale to How I Met your Mother isn't far away, with fans and even non fans just dying to know how it all gets wrapped up. Will Barney and Robin go through with this neverending wedding? Will Ted ever meet this dam mother?

The entire cast were on the Letterman show recently to help answer all our questions about what happens in the finale - but don't worry, there are definitely no spoilers here. Yeah, it's that kind of video. Also, has that weird awkwardness you feel watching everything on the Letterman show - wondering why it isn't as funny as it should be.

The cast all run through 'The Top Ten Surprises In The Final Episode of How I Met Your Mother', each giving their own non-hilarious one liner. These so called spoilers include 'The real father: Frank Sinatra', as well as one that has actually really bothered us this whole time - Josh Radnor who plays Ted Mosby says: 'Somebody finally points out that I don't sound like Bob Saget.'

Bob Saget has done the voice over of older Ted since the beginning of the series, but come on, it's a totally different voice. We could buy this crap in The Wonder Years, but what - does Ted's voice break further when he turns 40? So many questions.

Watch it all below, if you want like - you MIGHT laugh.

Although, Robin's amazing lipstick is the noteworthy saving grace here.