The end is nigh for How I Met Your Mother, and with it will bring the end to one of the show's most terrifying story lines. Well, terrifying for Barney that is. For the rest of us it's pretty damn entertaining. It is of course, the Slap bet, or Slapsgiving, as Marshall has so fondly named it.

It all started seven years ago when a slap bet was made between Marshall and Barney. Marshall won five slaps - which he could give to Barney, anytime, anywhere. Since then, in every series, viewers are treated to what is always a fairly epic episode for 'The Slap'.

The second half of the final ever series is being shown in the US at the moment, and this week the second last slap EVER was delivered. And it was GOOD. So good in fact that afterwards, Boyz II Men showed up singing, with a song all about 'hot, red, burning' slaps.

There is one final slap left, and this perhaps, could be a greater moment than Ted actually meeting his future wife. Never mind the How I Met Your Father spin-off, Slapsgiving spin-off all the way!