She was voted off X Factor and yet, somehow, some way, Honey G made it into the final episode.

It's clear now that Simon Cowell hates you. Not just dismisses your presence or doesn't acknowledge you. No, Simon Cowell actively hates you and is going to make you suffer. He wants you to know it, too. Why else would he send Honey G back to the X Factor finale, if not to actively piss you off and get you talking about?

It's working, obviously, because we're talking about it and we can't stand Honey G. Oh, and to really top off 2016 for the whole world, Honey G announced she's got a single - just in time for Christmas, no less.

But seriously, though, Honey G and X Factor represents everything that is wrong with the world today and the sooner a comet comes and wipes up all out, the better.

Watch the video and pray for utter annihilation.