series 3 is coming back to our screens very soon and a new teaser trailer dropped today. After the explosive ending to the second series, it looks like things are getting a bit tense. The 34 second trailer shows three different videos from the lead characters. The first shows Brody's confession video, the second Carrie protesting his innocence. While the third shows Saul siding with Carrie, yet calling her 'unstable'. You can check it out for yourself below.

But who do you trust? Homeland is set to return to Showtime on September 29th with all lead characters to reprise their roles, despite the writers trying to kill off Brody. Homeland writers revealed during a TV Academy panel on Tuesday that the network urged them not to kill off Brody, played by Damien Lewis, in season two. Co-creator Howard Gordon said, 'We had sketched out this plan in the early parts of season two, which called for Brody's demise, which may have been premature, and they asked us to reconsider.'

And apparently this was not the first time as they also tried to kill him off in season 1 as well. So with the third season, will it be third time lucky for Brody? One things for sure we can expect lots more crying from Claire Danes, you just have to look at the first sneak peek trailer to confirm that.