Last night, Maggie Smith made his first chat-show appearance in over 40 years and, to be honest, we can't understand why she left it that long.

Smith's acerbic wit and dry humour was absolutely perfect for last night's Graham Norton. Deadpan, droll and every bit as cutting and sarcastic as we could hope for, Maggie Smith was the perfect antidote to the preening Justin Bieber and dab hands Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller.

Norton quizzed about her status as Dame and pretty much poured hot molten shade over any actor who uses it, dobbing in one Sir Ben Kingsley, before she talked about the price of fame and avoiding American tourists.


Smith also discussed her time on Downton Abbey, saying that she's glad it's finally over. Playing Dowager Countess Violet Crawley, Smith has been in the role since the show's inception and rose to prominence both for this and for her role as Minerva McGonnagall in the Harry Potter series.

Here's a quick snifter of her brilliance on show. Seriously, Maggie Smith should just be a permanent resident on the couch and have her fire witticisms and snarky comments at guests whenever she feels like it. Jesus, we'd watch that show.

"I've got the boxset." AMAZING.


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