Jimmy Kimmel's post-Oscar show has become as much of a staple to the Oscars every year, as Jennifer Lawrence falling over really. It never fails to quite literally be swamped with the who's who of Hollywood, and last night was no exception.

Kimmel decided to enlist the help of just a dozen or so Hollywood A-listers, to recreate some of the most popular YouTube videos of all time - and make them into movie trailers. The reason being that many of the nominated movies this year were adapted from books, so, why not take the next step and start adapting YouTube videos into movies? Makes perfect sense.

He's got Joseph Gordon Levitt doing 'David After Dentist', the Hemsworth brothers in 'Charlie Bit Me' (Bitmin Begins), Queen Latifah stars as Sweet Brown (Ain't nobody got time for that!), and in what must be his most gripping performance to date - ladies and gentlemen, Kevin Spacey is... Keyboard Cat. Interestingly, Kimmel later interviewed Spacey on the show where he told him he would love to host the 0scars one day: "I think it would be great fun,” he said. “I’d love it.” We'd love it too, Kevo!

That is only the tip of the iceberg for the stars who make an appearance in these videos though, you'll also see... are you ready for this? Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, Christoph Waltz, Ben Kingsley, Gary Oldman, Mandy Patinkin,*Takes Breath*, Samuel L. Jackson, Catherine Zeta Jones, Seth Rogen, Abbie Cornish, Barkhad Abdi and Girls star Adam Driver (as Steve Jobs).

And of course, Kimmel pops his head in occasionally, along with a deleted scene with Matt Damon, who just didn't make Kimmel's final cut - naturally.

Watch them all below!