This has to be one of the greatest 'This Morning' moments of all time.

Regular viewers of Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby's antics on ITV every weekday morning know that they're prone to fits of laughter at the drop of the hat and the topic of one of today's segments was bound to set them off but no one could of predicted how fantastically they would fall apart.

Melanie and Scott McClure from Texas, who say they can reach an orgasm through everything from hugging, dancing and even breathing and that their orgasms can last up to 18 hours, were chatting to Holly and Phillip via video link from Los Angeles and while everything they had to say was strange enough, it was the after effects that sent the hosts over the edge.

After the interview came to a close, Schofield tried to link to the adverts and then this happened:

Whoever wrote that script deserves a raise.