There’s some amazing movies, documentaries and new series on the way.

HBO have released a sneak preview of a selection of their 2018 offerings and there’s something in there for everyone.

New seasons of existing programmes such as Silicon Valley, Insecure, High Maintenance, Westworld and Animals are on the way. We’re also getting a new installment of Dwayne Johnson’s Ballers.

Documentary fans will get a new insight into figures such as Arthur Miller, Andre the Giant and Elvis Presley while new movies will include Al Pacino in Paterno and Michael B. Jordan in Fahrenheit 451.

Comedians Bill Maher and John Oliver have new seasons starting and there’s brand new programmes such as Succession, Here and Now, and Barry, which stars Bill Hader as a cheap hitman coming too.

Games of Thrones fans, you’ll have to wait until 2019 for a new series. But you already knew that.

Take a look at the collection of trailers here:


Via: HBO