Last night saw the finale of Britain's Got Talent, with Richard Jones sweeping the vote and being crowned winner.

Jones, who is a Lance Corporal in the Household Cavalry of the British Army, has won £250,000 and will appear in the Royal Variety Show later this year. Jones is also the first magician in the series' history to win.

His act consisted of a number of card tricks and, while doing so, describing the story of a World War II soldier and Britain's oldest living magician who used magic as a way of coping with being a prisoner of war in Singapore.

Take a look.

Runner-ups included swing singer Wayne Woodward and Boogie Storm, a group of disco-dancing Stormtroopers. In fairness, the disco-dancing Stormtroopers would have gotten our vote because, come on, disco-danncing Stormtroopers.

How can you NOT vote for that?!


Via YouTube