It's one of those classic arguments when it comes to fight - which is better? Speed or strength?

Strength sometimes wins because all it takes is one shot to take someone fast down, however speed can wear someone strong down. Who knows.

Halfthor Julius Bjornsson, better known as Gregor 'The Mountain' Clegane from Game of Thrones, dropped by our own Conor McGregor's gym for a bit of light sparring between the two.

By all accounts, it was all in good fun, but it did get more than a bit spirited in places with McGregor landing a few digs and Bjornsson grabbing hold a few times as well.

Our guess is Bjornsson didn't exactly know how hard to hit him and didn't want to push it too hard. Considering he crushed a dude's head once, it's safe to say he was playing nice.

For maximum effect, we've also placed this music beneath to heighten the mood somewhat. Just mute the video above and play this below and it's like you're watching a really high-definition version of Street Fighter II.

McGregor, in this case, is Ryu and The Mountain is clearly Zangief. All we need is the announcer and some sound effects and we're good to go.


Via YouTube